What’s happening G’s!

I wasn’t able to post weekly results last week as I was too busy trying to resolve an issue with Google. More on that another day.

So this week I will just take some of the best highlights from the past couple of weeks.

There are so many wins each day it’s hard to keep up with it all but I know those of you who have yet to join HU 2.0 will find it of value. I will try to get wins with some context so you understand how they are making money.

Affiliate Wins

When you join Hustlers University, you are automatically enrolled into their generous affiliate program. It converts like crazy, you just need to promote content on social media.

5 affiliate sales in half a day!

49 sales = $1,175.51 ?

Most students are able to make money within a week or so following the strategies

Copywriting Wins

Hustlers university have training program that aims to help people make $10k per month by offering copywriting services to influencers and business owners. Essentially you will be re-writing their emails and captions. Here are some of the student wins.

e-Commerce Wins

Starting an e-commerce business is a must for anyone looking to make extra income. Why? It’s recession proof. People will always be buying stuff online, so it’s worth learning how to build and scale an e-commerce business. And it’s easier than you think. Here are some of the wins from the Hustlers University e-commerce students.

Crypto Wins

Hustlers University have 2 expert traders that you can copy and profit from. Below are some highlights from both trading strategies this week

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